Radio Interviews About The Government’s Troubled Families Scheme

I was asked on Dec 15, 2012 by BBC 5 Live  and then two days later by BBC Radio Sheffield to outline the government’s latest attempt to turn around the lives of families whose lives are blighted by crime, anti-social behaviour, unemployment and truancy.

Called the Troubled Families programme it involves intensive support from council appointed family workers.

The government is meeting 40 per cent of the costs with councils expected to meet the rest. If successful the government claims it can save £9bn a year through reductions in areas such as police, court time and benefit claims. The government’s troubled families tsar Louise Casey is also claiming startling results among families already supported in this way.

But councils  and charities have concerns. Here are my two segments. The first for BBC 5Live features me outlining council concerns about the initiative. The second, for BBC Radio Sheffield and in which I appear at the 2 min 20sec mark,  was ahead of a phone-in on the issue and looks at local concerns surrounding the scheme.

If you are a broadcaster looking for a media-trained social affairs expert to talk about this or similar issues feel free to contact me anytime on 07731 658672 or .

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